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About Us at Little Green Pipsqueak


Jaime had an idea to create a website to help families and, with the help of her friend Benny, the site came to be. We hope it will be a great tool for anyone with concerns about any baby or toddler.

The idea came to Jaime when parents were always saying how in depth different developmental milestones charts are and where should they go to read them. Also, families would question if they were getting an evaluation too soon or too late. The screening was created to help ease their minds and know that anytime is the right time to get an evaluation. Caregivers are the best judge of their children, give yourself credit.

We are Developmental Therapists working in the state of Illinois that are looking to help concerned, but undecided, people interested in testing for delays in their child ages 0-3. After the age of three please refer the child to their local school district for the part B, Early Childhood program. We are also interested in giving people information on developmental milestones. We want caregivers to be able to communicate and get information from others easily. People are welcome to post community events, programs, or parks that would be great to help babies and toddlers. We also offer a toy and equipment exchange to help children get the tools they need to help in their development.

We have been working with children with special needs for over ten years. We work through the Early Intervention program and really enjoy helping people and love our jobs. We have worked with a variety of children with special needs and their families. We feel that helping caregivers is the best way to help children. We have worked in family's homes, at therapy centers and in public community locations. We have a therapist's perspective, as well as a parent's, perspective.

Here are some things that we like to remember for the children that we see as well as our own children.

  • repetition and consistency is important
  • children learn through playful activities
  • enjoy your child and be patient
  • videotape and take pictures of your child to notice changes in development
  • involve your child in household activities such as cleaning up, setting the table, laundry, dusting, baking, but remember they have a short attention span so keep the activity brief and expand on it over time
  • show affection to your child
  • praise your child
  • talk to your child about what is coming next in their day, like using first/then sentences for better understanding
  • explain things in short sentences
  • encourage peer interaction
  • take advantage of community activities in your area


We enjoy giving back to the community and donating to different programs that help children with special needs.

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